Yesterday I was looking for technological news on, a Hungarian online newspaper, and I found something that I didn’t expect. I am a Facebook user for a long time and I have always wondered why there wasn’t a dislike button on the site. Now I know, because I found the answer in an article. I try to summarize it in a few sentences.

Users have been requiring it for years, but it seems that Facebook doesn’t plan to develop it. What is the reason? The Like button is very important for Facebook users, because they can always comment on each other posts and press the Like button. Facebook realised that and they developed an HTML code which would make it possible to add this button on every kind of site, so you can like everything. There is no official “Dislike” button, however some users create a Facebook-group for that. The users can install a “Dislike” button with different browser accessories but it is sometimes very dangerous. The reason why there is no “Dislike” button on Facebook is that the management doesn’t trust it’s users. They said people expected positive reactions from their friends, but a “Dislike” button would transmit a negative message. But the real reason is that the companies which advertise on Facebook pay millions of dollar to pass their positive messages to their costumers. Since a “Dislike” button doesn’t have a good effect beside an advertisement, Facebook is uninterested in it. So that’s why professionals think there won’t be dislike button ever.

I understand that everything is about money, but somethimes it would be so good just to push a button if I don’t like something. Although every users have the possibility to comment, but there are things which are not worth to talking about. So it would be very useful sometimes.