This afternoon I have been reading some news in one of the biggest internet websites in the Baltic countries – it is called One of the articles was about corporation ‘’Apple’’. The story is short and clear: new technology is applied in mobile phones which can help parents to control the text in their children messages. Thus, inappropriate text can be blocked, some words can be deleted, children can be given a warning or parents can be informed (everything depends on the settings).  Company applied for the patent on the 2008, but got it just on the 12th of October 2010.

It made me think about the role of technology in our casual life. In my opinion technologies should help and make our life a bit easier (doesn’t matter to find information or to contact somebody in different side of the world). In this case I am wondering if we are creating things which we really need or it just started to be competition between well known corporations. That is one of the possibilities to show the power and to develop innovations.

But this article can not only inform readers but as well can make a discussion between them. From one side of view, this technology is made only to educate children and to make parents feel safer, but opponent could accuse that people are losing privacy in contravention of the law. The idea of this program is to control young people language and mostly of consumers won’t even tell to children about the possibility to spy them.

One more reason is that all technology news can be used in another situation. What if politicians start to use it against each other or desperate housewives use it as a tool to spy their husbands? It can change loads of people life and make it not better but opposite – worse.

All in all I think what every technology was to have aim why it is creating. If you don’t like the language which your child is speaking it’s your responsibility to talk with him and search for a compromise, but not choose the easiest way.