ESKOM is a South African electricity public utility which could receive up to $1billion from the World Bank funding for renewable energy projects according to Mmegi Online, an online news website.

Eskom aimed to increase researching and development in solar, wind, bio-mass, and hydro energy, as renewable energy sources. This is why the World Bank thinks it a good idea to support their efforts. The company welcomes the assistance because they have the only nuclear power plant in Africa and generate approximately 95% of electricity used in South Africa. This is a good opportunity for Eskom to access the Clean Technology Fund of the World Bank. Renewable projects include a 100MW concentrated solar power project with storage in Upington, Northern Cape, and a 100MW wind project.

In my view it is a really good thing to support a developing country to improve their technology mainly in the field of environment. I suppose everybody knows about the bad situation of our world, the exhausted planet is close to its barriers. The problem of global warming, greenhouse-effects, decreasing number of forests, and overfishing all are problems which need solution immediately. There are lot of opportunities, and one of these is the renewable energy sources. Moreover, such a project, if successful, could provide a positive example to other states, mainly to developed countries regarding how to deal with environmental problems and how to be environmentally friendly or at least how to try it.

renewable energy sources

Keszler Szandra

19.10.2010, Kortrijk