Who would have tought?!  A clothing company with a history of over 20 years has been forced to change their new logo with the old one because users of Facebook and Twitter complained about the bad quality of the fresh logo. Before I start I should tell you some things about the GAP logo, some of you may already know it. The first logo is a blue square with tall white letters and the new one features black letters with white background and small blue square in the right top corner.

The company launched their new logo on Monday 7th of October with great hope that the customers will enjoy it See logo press release. Apparently things didn’t work that way because thousands of users posted on Facebook and Twitter that the logo is badly designed and it doesn’t represent the company. “I  was scared for a minute…The new one looked like it was made in powerpoint.” or “You actually paid those guys to design that?” Facebook comments

After seeing the reaction of the customers, one week later the managers decided to change it back to the original one, a very appreciated thing among the fans of GAP.Their message to the users was very cleaR: “Ok. We’ve heard loud and clear that you don’t like the new logo. We’ve learned a lot from the feedback. We only want what’s best for the brand and our customers. So instead of crowd sourcing, we’re bringing back the Blue Box tonight.”

In my opinion sort of things will be happening more often, the communication nowadays  is bidirectional and the consumer has a lot to say. Until Social Media has developed sow much it was very hard for organisations to hear the voice of their clients without paying a lot of money.  There are many things to learn from what happened to GAP. Although they have a Facebook account they didn’t bother to ask the users what they think about a change of logo GAP on Facebook . On the other hand they had the possibility to fix the problem very fast. Social Media is becoming more powerful by the day. How many of you would have tought that having a Facebook  or Twitter account can change the face of a company? Apparently you can.

I think that thanks to Social Media the users, the consumers, the average people can make themselves heard by the companies. It’s a win – win situation because the companies will produce or serve exactly what the consumer needs. Just imagine yourself one day sitting in front of your laptop on Twitter or Facebook  and a message from Microsoft appears asking what do you think about our new product. Would you leave a message?

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Laurentiu Lungu