The office of Communications from U.S. (FCC Federal Communication Commission) has proposed to the mobile phone companies to alert the consumers when calls or sending messages are bypassing the normal cost. This decision was taken following the complaints from consumers related to the exorbitant and unexpected bills.

The proposed rule requires that the wireless companies send voice alerts or text message to customers when they approach the monthly usage limits on their plans.

The companies defend themselves:
The reaction of the CTIA (The Wireless Association) to the FCC’s stance was cautious. Chris Guttman-McCabe, vice-president of regulatory affairs at CTIA, defended himself saying that mobile phone companies are concerned about the prescriptive and costly rules that limit the supply of creative and competitive nature of the industry, but also added that the industry “continues to develop tools to keep customers informed about their level of use of calls, text messages and data to ensure that the customer has good experiences with the company, according to information from

These new rules will be adopted by the Federal Communications Commission, and they are part of an initiative to adopt measures of protection for consumers in the telecommunications industry

I found this article very interesting because I have gotten a lot of biggest bills and I preferred that somebody advisees me. For example, when you are in a boat you don’t know how much is the call, and it´s too expensive, maybe 5 euro per minute.

If this law will be approved, it would affect all mobile consumers of U.S. and I think the initiative will expand to other American and European countries because if this law works effectively, all consumers will want to be beneficiaries of it. In my opinion, that is a good way to protect  consumers.

María Iniesta Carrasco

20/10/2010 Kortrijk