The band ,,UB40” takes 75 position in the list of 100 greatest reggae artists and these Reggae artists were chosen on theIr impact, lasting popularity, influence, and talent in Traditional and Contemporary Reggae music. They have 784 followers in, what WHICH means that they are really popular, because 97% of twitter users have less than 100 followers (WHO SAYS THIS? INSERT LINK TO THE RESEARCH YOU MENTION AND INDICATE THE SOURCE). Also this band has more than 7.291 fans in official Facebook profile and more than 20.000 fans on non-official one. (INSERT SCREENSHOT HERE)

UB40’s” official website is for details of new releases, competitons, tour dates, twitter bubbles, and „UBTV“- exclusive backstage footage of the band answering questions sent in by fans. It was good decision and works really effectively, but there are more than 100 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices so they should be oriented to short clear messages in profile, because it is more appropriate for telephones formats (AGAIN, DO MAKE IT CLEAR WHERE YOU HAVE THESE NUMBERS FROM). What else, in Facebook more then 52% of users are younger then 24 years, but the 35-54 year old demo is growing fastest, with a 276.4% growth rate in over the approximate 6 months (REFERENCE). It means that they can pay more attention to this age audience, which grew with this kind of music and they can be potential fans.

If we are talking about attracking of their generation users, they could think a little bit about design: home page has bright colors, what is typical for 80‘s or 90‘s, but what about THE ONLINE shop? We believe, that fans who grew in this time with this music would be happy to find some clothes, specificed on it: SUCH AS „old school shoes“, jackets and disco t-shirts… Actually, this style is coming back, so it is useful and for young admirers.

Also we miss link in „UB40“ home page (WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU MISS IT – AS IN YOU CANNOT FIND IT OR IT IS NOT VISIBLE ENOUGH? AND WHICH IS THE BAND’S TWITTER ACCOUNT?) It is useful to remember that Thursday and Friday are the most active days on twitter, each accounting for 16% of total tweets so it good opportunity to attract more loyal followers, fans. Specialist claim, Twitter is more popular in the US (33%) and Facebook in UK so it is quiet important to foster these profiles and further, because all main listeners groups are located in these countries (REFERENCE). To sum up this “UB40” targets a large public using different social networks : Myspace users are younger than Facebook users who are younger than Twitter users which are used to reaching active people. With this, they can hope to reach every kind of public, which can give chance to attract more and more people of each generation.

Finally, we can clearly claim that „UB40“ know how to do the best and we can just wish good luck!