Google doesn’t like knowing people are “locked” in their study and decided to make them enjoy more in their living room installing internet to home televisions!

The company is working with Intel and Sony, the famous electronics giant, to introduce “Google TV” this week at a conference with the three leaders of Google, Eric Schmidt (Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)), Larry Page (Co-Founder & President, Products) and Sergey Brin (Co-Founder & President, Technology) and Google software developers in San Francisco.

Actually, Google wants to put the web on to televisions via a new generation of television sets and set-top boxes, which will make us forget that home entertainment and computing are two distinct things.

At last we will have access to social networks such as Twitter ( or Facebook ( but also to movies and TV shows on web video sites such as YouTube ( or Hulu ( Obviously, some televisions and set-top boxes via cables or satellites already have an access to web content, but the choice of sites is limited : for example, Apple TV permits to download files from the itunes library (videos, musics…), Roku permits to watch streaming movies from Amazon or Netflix, to watch some photos of Facebook…or also Boxee Box which enables to access several sites like YouTube, CNN, BBC, Netflix, TED…etc.(Sources:

There is no doubt that Intel and Sony are working in partnership with Google for business interests too. According to Intel’s chief executive,Paul Otellini, the melding of the internet and the television set would promise a real success. Maybe more with people who are used to watch streaming movies on their computer via Internet: the advancement of online streaming video and TV technology such as Microsoft with their Silverlight platform and the latest Flash players, are also major factors in internet tv’s growth. (Sources:

Google already tested this new system in US, which was successful, permitting people to watch the program they want from a kind of search tool included in the service.

So, maybe it won’t be beneficial for children since they will spend more time being “glued” to the television but… We have to recognize that it could be so convenient to be sitted comfortably,watching videos or navigating through websites with a large screen!