by Rasa Strumskyte

Every minute life can turn in an unexpected direction… In case of Wikipedia’s porn scandal , its administrator, Jimmy Wales, lost his founder rights.

,,If this is an emergency requiring a justified, immediate, unilateral, king-like action, I regret Mr Wales didn’t take the time to explain the emergency to us,” wrote one angry administrator, according to Fox quoted by the European Journalism Centre.

The reason was that Wales had strong position on the disposal (OR DISPLAY?) of pornographic content. AFTER pressureS FROM the “Wikipedia“ community, WALES left HIS POSITION AS HONORARY CHAIRMAN WITH the Wikipedia Foundation, honorary chairman, AND become a” lower tier” Wikipedia administrator. AS A RESULT he is CURRENTLY unable to remove files and edit content.

“May 11: Jimbo asked for the rights of the founder flag to be limited. The flag no longer confers the ability to delete content, hide content, perform checkusers, or change group membership for users. It also no longer confers the ability to edit protected pages.”(…) TO WHAT ARE YOU LINKING EXACTLY?

About a month ago (for the  according to Fox News pressure) Wikipedia’s founder, started a crusade against pornography, delete ing thousands of images, which can could be regarded as pornographic. This caused a big Wikipedia community concern. Now, Fox claims, it turns out that Wales had unilaterally begun deleting images and recruiting other editors to assist him, against the wishes of other editors who felt the content was acceptable. Wales, whose personal page on Wikipedia speaks of “Doing The Right Thing,” allegedly began the purge himself despite opposition from many editors. Finally, Jimmy Wales has decided to refuse the administration rights.

In my opinion, on the one hand, it appears that he WALES maintained a free encyclopaedia in difficult moment BY not allowING control AND BY defendING oppinion in free community. Finally, it should not effect wikipedia’s ratings. HOW DOES THIS WORK? YOUR STORY TELLS THAT WALES STARTED DELETING CONTENT THAT OTHERS DEEMED APPROPRIATE. HE DID, THEREFORE, IMPOSE HIS OWN WILL AND VIEWS … AS IT STANDS NOW, YOUR OPINION PARAGRAPH IS CONFUSING.
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