Today we want to have a look at a British alternative band called the
wavemachines. Founded in 2007 they are looking now forward to rock the music
market. Here are some suggestions to help them on that way!!!!
1. At first we want to look at the MySpace site of the band. The first
problem of this page is that it is not very user friendly. Why? The
scrollbars on the bottom is unnecessary, restructure the pictures, videos
and information (arrange a more symmetrical adjustment) on that page and
include more animations. Also there is too much black layout around the
information. It doesn’t look good and the site creates a negative

2. The second problem we have to solve is that the normal website of the
band is too static and not interactive. Furthermore there are too less
information about the band. Use photos and videos as well and tell the
viewers more about the band history.

3. To enter some new markets outside of the UK they should use regional
social platforms for example in Germany there are more students (we think
that¹s the most important target group for the band) members of studivz
than facebook

4. It will be easier to enter the Romanian music market if they update the
wavemachines on the site. The point is that they have an
undiscovered Romanian audience that activates on, listens to similar
artists as wavemachines but have never heard of these guys in particular. So
start sending some recommendations to users there and they will surely pass
it on at a very rapid pace.

– Good stuff:

o Keep the twitter as active as it is now. Well done!

o Facebook page also good

o Wikipedia is also good (more band information than on the main band page)


Posted via email from Katho New Media Course