1st problem

The page is not effective enough. There’s not enough information on the page, the picture of the product is not big enough to show anything.




Use applications, for example make the picture clickable so it will appear in bigger size. They should give more description of the product (what it does, how it works and who it is for).


2nd problem

Maybe some visitors of the site are not aware of the Twitter account and it is not mentioned on the page.


They should put a link on the website to their Twitter page.


3rd problem

There’s no way of contacting them.


They should write an e-mail address on the page through which consumers can contact them.


4th problem

They’re not popular enough on Twitter.




Maybe by adding the Twitter link on the page will increase the number of followers.

As the feedback says, they’re only receiving. It should be more interactive.

Posted via email from Katho New Media Course