As we have seen they are using a lot of new media instruments, but there is a lack of consistency and the channels are sometimes redundant. (ex. facebook is not working as a social network, you can only see the news generated from their website; with twitter it is the same, as it presents news from facebook).

It would be best if they would separate the information into channels:

Website: We suggest that they should integrate all their new media and that they should have a more interactive website, focusing also on videos from boxing fights and boxing figures: less text in order to get a faster overview.

Facebook: Offering it as a space for the boxing community to interact, also offering a wide range of pictures(they currently have only 53 fans, so they are not very interactive).

Twitter: We believe it is not used properly, as its main attribute is “fastness”, so they should tweet the results of the boxing fights without links to the web-site via facebook.

LinkedIn: Create a more professional profile as it could be used by the press.

Wikipedia: Update their information and complete it. -Youtube: Post a link to the channel on their main page of their website. Encourage the community to create user generated content, regarding boxing.

-Flickr: As they are present on through fans generated content they should try to benefit of it with their own pictures of boxing stars, events, etc., but more professional ones.

There should be a better connection between the new media channels, linking each other for creating a professional boxing network.

Posted via email from Katho New Media Course