There is one smartphone, which has beaten all the others, one smartphone which connects all the multimedia functions you need in one application. Functions like mobile internet, a portable media player, WI-FI connectivity and of course a camera. Thanks gGod or better, thank Steve Jobs, that you can check your emails wherever you want!

I own an iPhone and it is really awesome to be somewhere in the nowhere and receive the latest update about the cheapest price of product via email. But it is really necessary? I am some kind of addicted to here hear the ringtone of the email on your my iPhone. When it is silent I ask myself “What’s up?  What the hell is happening?  Why is nobody writing me?”. The iPhone connects me stronger than any other smartphone with the mobile world; that is the incontestable truth. But what if this connection is used against me? What if somebody uses my surf behavior to “x ray” me? Maybe that is one of the reasons that I always get the junk mails that really fits to my consumption patterns.

The iPhone uses GPS for many applications e.g. Google Earth or Google maps. It is very useful if I am are in the middle of nowhere and don’t know what’s the shortest way to my home. But there is also a reverse of the medal – I know where I am with the Google Earth, but Google does too. So anyone with some computer and internetskills can check where I am and maybe what I am doing there (Are you sure? How can you verify this information?) . I become more and more a glassy citizen (what does glassy mean?).

Apple uses also a very clever distribution strategy, it’s not allowed as a provider to sell the IpiPhone as you want. You need a permission of Apple or to be precise you have to buy it. For example in Germany it is only allowed for T-Mobile to sell the IpiPhone. But so T-Mobile has a monopoley on it. They can make any price as they want because if you, as a consumer, want a iPhone, you have to go to them. So the contract conditions are very bad in comparison to other mobile network operators.

That brings me to the next fact (?): many people look at the IpiPhone in the way of a lifestyle product or THE lifestyle product. It was a clever marketing campaign of Apple to create such a hype about the phone (Why?). A lot of people buy it even if they don’t really need it (Where do you know this from?).  Maybe they only uses cell phones for typing a message or do a phone call. So why do they need an iPhone?

In fact I can say that Apple’s Smartphone is a practical invention. But you have to think about it before you buy it, if you really need this technical application and you should be informed about the possible observation of your private life.