I would like to talk about electronic media. But first I need to explain what is media. Media is a tool that can be used for storing and sharing information. It is the most used way to communicate. Media has a long story starting with paintings in caves and writing.It developed in time, and today it is much more complicated than the time it began.

With the development of technology, people found out a new kind of media: “electronic media”. Electronic media contains all the material that is electronic and used for creating or receiving media. The first one was the telegraph after that the telephone came radio and satellite followed. But i I think it was the internet that had the biggest impact and led to huge process progress for media was internet. By the invention of internet everything started to became become electronic. It developed so fast. Now we can reach every data whenever we need, we can create our own news, publish our stories…

So it looks like a good thing. But of course it has negative sides as well. We can use internet for almost everything. We can buy whatever we need, we can watch movies, play games, read news.. But i I think the worst side of technology is that it makes people lazier (even me). We do everything we want on internet, it’s not that common today, not everyone is buying on internet, or do lots of things, but i think in the future maybe in 15-20 years everyone will make everything on internet, streets will be empty,there will be no cars, no people, no nothing.. (This sentence needs rephrasing as it is not clear) And it is not good at all.

Using electronic media,internet is good, until it makes you completely constant and stuck in your chair..